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Album Review: Josh Taerk – Josh

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22-year-old Josh Taerk comes with a guitar and a story to tell with his debut album Josh. The young Canadian cites none other than Bruce Springsteen as a main influence on his expressive folk-rock music style. Other influences include Counting Crows and The Hold Steady, and at times Josh’s voice is reminiscent of a folk Michael Bublé.

Josh Taerk - JoshJosh is a refreshing collection of soft acoustic based melodies full of introspective storytelling lyricism and smooth, soothing vocals. At times it flirts dangerously close to the line of being too sappy and overemotional (such as repeating “I’m hopelessly in love with you” in Hopeless), but generally manages to keep a balance between too much and not enough.

Taerk has a special way of writing songs about his experiences which makes them feel like your own, much like his influence Mr Springsteen, which is part of what will likely see him enjoy a long, successful career.

Beginning with I’ll Live For You, it becomes instantly apparent that this Canadian wears his heart on his sleeve and is ready to share his experiences with an audience. Taerk has a folksy sound which is accompanied by some electric guitaring and a mainstream friendly voice which pushes his commercial appeal.

Casie is a heart-felt ballad directed at a love interest, pleading for her to “don’t give up on me” because “we’ll be together one day”. Taerk expresses his emotion in the song through passionate vocals over a delicate instrumental background.

Around the middle of the album is My Angel, an uplifting sounding romantic ballad showing off the imagery in Taerk’s lyric writing (As the sun begins to settle thrashing diamonds in your blue eyes…./Love is never easy when nothing’s fair in love and war/When the hardest part of having you/Is watching as you walk out the door”).

Hidden towards the back of the album is the lead single Grace, a powerful acoustic folk-track and highlight on this new record.

Josh is the first sample of what the talented young Josh Taerk can accomplish. Full of passion, rhythm and powerful lyricism, Josh is full of the kind of songs which will appeal to fans of most genres. Josh shows maturity beyond his years in his vocal ability and song writing and all signs of a bright future ahead.

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