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Single Review: Dami Im – ‘Alive’

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This year’s Australian X Factor has now ended and the build-up to the biggest music reality show in the world has produced itself yet another star. As we followed the final 12 contestants over these past few weeks, watching one drop out after another, all eyes and ears were firmly fixed on the final 3 who battled it out in order to be crowned winner and take home a lucrative recording contract with Sony Music – as well as national, and potentially, international fame.  This year’s winner came as no surprise as it was finally revealed through public vote that Dami Im would take the glory as she stood by her mentor and friend, Dannii Minogue on last nights grand final.

DamiImAliveDami took the crown as X Factor winner for 2013 following a series of spectacular performances, notably her version of the Jennifer Hudson power ballad And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going on Sunday night’s show which gave the singer yet another standing ovation from the crowd as well as a standing ovation from each of the 4 judges as they took to their judging table to celebrate the epic performance.

During Sunday night’s show we were offered a first listen to what would become the winners official single. Each contestant had a different track – unlike the X Factor in other territories – and this was the first moment that Dami Im’s Alive was put under the spotlight.

The single was released as soon as the winners name was announced and is currently working its way up the iTunes singles chart. It’s a catchy track with elements of dance sewn into the piano built pop structure. Its message is optimistic and suited to the story of Dami Im: taking advantage of every opportunity that comes along in life while also containing a sweet love letter in its second verse.  The irony within the track I find is the lyric “we ain’t gonna get a second chance”. For anyone who watched the show we know that Dami was eliminated in the Bootcamp stage of the competition but was given a second chance when a fellow contestant dropped out. Despite this minor lyrical discrepancy, the track is a driving, power-pop hit that is destined to do well in the charts and is the ideal number to showcase Im’s impeccable vocals and artistic transformation from shy girl to vocal superstar and fashion icon over a short few months.

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