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Single Review: Union J – ‘Tonight (We Live Forever)’

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British boy band, Union J’s new single Tonight (We Live Forever) is the ideal soundtrack to a cheery walk along a beach on a perfect summers day.

Union J - Tonight (We Live Forever)Tonight (We Live Forever) will feature on their second album of the same title. The band was brought together by the 2012 British X Factor in which members Josh Cuthbert, JJ Hamblett, Jaymi Hensley where entered under the band name Triple J competed against soloist George Shelley. While neither contestants were successful, Shelley was added to Triple J and Union J were born. With a sound that could easily be mistaken for that of One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer (a mistake I definitely did not make **cough), their new track is unsurprisingly everything you’d expect from a boy-band. Tonight is an irritatingly catchy ode to the blissfulness of youth sung by someone who sounds as though they’ve only just reached puberty and doused in generic, highly synthesised harmonies.

The song opens with a wordless chant destined to become the mantra of the bands army of fan-girls. What follows is a roller-coaster fuelled by the bands sickeningly charming exuberance that leaves anyone that isn’t under sixteen and female feeling slightly queasy.

If you’re not a teenage girl, Tonight (We Live Forever) will leave you feeling lightheaded, like after listening to any other song by any other similar band. Regardless, the songs overpowering bubbliness will definitely succeed in making you feel slightly more optimistic about life – unless you feel as though you have too much dignity to be listening to the music of twelvies. If that is the case, take consolation in the fact that Union J featured on the soundtrack to Kick Ass 2 – a pretty decent movie, making them an incrementally more decent band to acknowledge listening to.