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Single Review: The Potbelleez and B.O.B – ‘Magic Number’

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Electro House trio The Potbelleez have teamed up with American hip-hop artist B.O.B for the new single Magic Number. The hyper track is as catchy as one would expect from these two artists known for their infectious mainstream hits.

The Potbelleez Feat. B.o.BMagic Number is the follow-up to the Potbelleez’ huge hit Saved In A Bottle from earlier this year which ranked in the Top 10 in Australian radio charts. B.O.B adds the Potbelleez to his list of collaborative partners, which already includes massive artists such as Bruno Mars and Paramore’s Hayley Williams.

The track comes out swinging from the first notes and intensifies as the song goes on. The frantic electro beats are complemented by B.O.B’s raps and The Potbelleez’ Ilan Kidron’s smooth vocals on the genre-mixing release.

No strangers to success, the APRA award winning Potbelleez and Grammy nominated B.O.B are sure to have another huge hit with Magic Number. The song is a perfect club anthem with its fast tempo rhythm and dance beats. It is frustratingly catchy and impossible to resist tapping and dancing along to. I commend anyone who can listen to this tune just once as I for one can’t seem to get enough of it!

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