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Single Review: Avril Lavigne – ‘Let Me Go’ feat. Chad Kroeger

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Remember the days of Avril riding around on a skateboard and belting out the classic track Complicated?  Well that was way back in 2002, and although Avril seems to have found some sort of fountain of youth to drink from slowing down the ageing process, the songs can’t be said to have kept the same track record for staying fresh.

AvrilLavigneLetMeGoBeing all grown up and everything, she’s actually had two marriages.  One to Deryck Whilbey of Sum 41 fame which ended in divorce, then she decided to shack up with the man who used to have the widest beard in rock, Chad Kroeger of Nickelback.  That’s where the track Let Me Go falls down unfortunately.  It doesn’t so much as just feature Chad Kroeger, it sounds entirely like a Chad Kroeger song.  It may be Avril singing but that doesn’t manage to disguise the fact that everything about it reminds you of a Nickelback track, and not a very good one.

The other weird thing about the song is that it appears to be about the end of her relationship with Deryck… singing it with her new man Chad, a bit strange I’d say.  ‘The Love that once hung on the wall used to mean something, now it means nothing’ sings Avril, lyrics that throw out nothing special for a break up song.

I tried to find something I liked about this song but it was hard to do.  Avril’s vocals seem good as ever I guess, but if I was her, from now on I’d keep Chad far away when writing songs and get back to churning out good pop-rock tunes.