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EP Review: Basic Vacation – ‘Basic Vacation EP’

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It’s hard to believe Basic Vacation was only founded at the beginning of this year when they’ve already garnered so much hype. The New York indie-rockers who have signed up to Atom Music Factory/Capitol Records released their first music video for I Believe which has had over 60,000 views since it’s debut last week.  Already counting down the days before the release of their self-titled EP on their Twitter and Facebook accounts, Basic Vacation have their heads up high and their ambitions higher.

BasicVacationEPIndie rock has burst into the scene with so many acts trying to be the next big thing. With so many other indie bands around, it’s not hard for an act to lose itself in the sea that is just the reality of music. But Basic Vacation has found a way to set themselves apart from everyone else. Bands usually fuse indie with another genre, from Two Door Cinema Club’s indie-electro sounds, Mumford and Sun’s indie-folk to indie rock with The Strokes. Basic Vacation join the bandwagon and provide an indie-pop rock sound that is refreshingly easy to listen to.

I Believe is the first track off the EP, and the band’s first official music video on Vevo has become a personal modern love ballad for me and it’s sure to satisfy its listeners with it’s lighthearted atmosphere and playful chanting in the chorus.  The joyous chanting is also present in the songs It’s All Happening and Worlds Collide. Being present in every track in the EP, this uplifting technique seems to be key element in Basic Vacation’s trademark sound.

The easy-going nature of the band is continued in Jamie. The thriving beat of the synth cruises through the entire song as guitar slicks  and echoing harmonies join along. Jamie has a bit more of an 80’s feel to it as the chorus comes with a tempo that’s just the right speed for a slow dance. Not the kind of slow that makes you fall asleep on your partner’s shoulder, but one where you’re happily dodging each other’s questionable footwork.

Currently busy touring in the US, I highly recommend seeing Basic Vacation. If their music is so cheery through a bunch of worn out speakers, I’m sure the good vibes will keep coming on stage.