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Single Review: Lawson – ‘Juliet’

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Juliet, the second single off the repackaged version of British pop-rock band Lawson’s debut album, Chapman Square/Chapter II, efficiently packs some good old-fashioned power-pop into the digestible 3-minute format.

LawsonIts random guitar intro is vaguely reminiscent of the iconic intro to the Eagles’ Hotel California, before it gives way to some reggae-infused guitar riffs, lead singer Andy Brown’s accented vocals and light harmonies. There are clearly some vibes of The Police, Sting and Bruno Mars during the verses (not that this is a bad thing).

The ‘she know-oh-oh-oh-ee-oh’ hook is to die for, and is used effectively at different points throughout the track. It sounds great before the chorus. It sounds perfect DURING the chorus. And it sounds brilliantly BONKERS during the galloping bridge before the final chorus.

Nevertheless, for a track about a girl who leads a man to his downfall, the song’s lyrics are a bit basic and wouldn’t be out of place on a One Direction album (‘criminal, physical and it’s killing me…you are haunting me’). However, Juliet is still a fun sing-along with its bouncy, guitar chords and pleading vocals. These create a sense of urgency that makes listeners feel for the guy who falls for Juliet.

Lawson have clearly come a long way since doing impressive covers of songs like Lady Gaga’s Marry The Night on their YouTube channel. Juliet may not have as much substance as the Shakespearean tale that spawned the character, but proves that Lawson can make catchy radio hits that deserve more airplay.

1 thought on “Single Review: Lawson – ‘Juliet’

  1. 3 and a half stars? Really? This song is pure manufactured crap. The lyrics are more than “a bit basic,” they are utterly infantile. Is this your real opinion? Don’t be afraid to write a negative review.

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