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Single Review: The Feeling – ‘Rescue’

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Can you believe that The Feeling have been around since their debut album in 2006?  It only seems like yesterday we were all singing along to Love It When You Call on a hazy summers afternoon, a grin on our face as Dan Gillespie-Sells takes us into his world of lyrical happiness.

TheFeelingRescueHowever the year is now 2013, the world seems a bit more daunting and dare I say it, do The Feeling seem a bit unhappy?  Rescue leads us to this conclusion. With a stripped back opening to the track featuring gentle piano, Dan’s vocals start with the line “Will you come to my rescue once again, will you search through the wreckage once again”.

The melancholy style continues, with the guitars not kicking in until a good minute and a half into the track. But when they do we find the usual catchy chorus and poppy undertones with some trumpet thrown in for good measure. Again the chorus lyrics are unusually down beat as Dan sings ‘I never thought that it would be this hard to find love’.

That’s the problem with the song, when the track has built itself up you want the upbeat feel-good factor to return, but unfortunately it doesn’t. It just feels like the song is a little mis-matched between the lyrics and the music itself.  Rescue just doesn’t feel as complete, there’s a little something missing.

The Feeling are one of those bands that when you think of them, you think of happy songs, they’re kind of pigeon-holed that way through the singles they’ve released.  So if someone could please try and perk up Dan and the boys to get back that spring in their step, that would be great. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!