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Single Review: Chase & Status – ‘Count on Me’ (Ft. Moko)

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British electronic musicians Chase & Status have made a nice homage to 1990s house music on the lead single off their upcoming album Brand New Machine.

Chase and Status Brand New MachineDespite the old school vibe given off by the record scratching and trippy, electronic percussion such as handclaps and tambourines, Count on Me still feels like a breath of fresh air. Featured vocalist Moko’s soulful vocals add a level of vitality to this track, allowing the perfectly subdued and restrained verses to slowly build up to the euphoric chorus. However, the chorus hook ‘I know’ gets a bit repetitive after a while.

The instrumental section after the first chorus is the track’s peak. Listeners can hear these cool, bright, almost space-like synths that are an effective substitute for the usual house piano sound. Count on Me would sound quite nice on an intergalactic party playlist as a result.

The worst bit is the farting bass during the breakdown. Even though most dance music breakdowns have wacky synths that border on the edge of pointlessness, the track’s bass breakdown is an epic fail comedown for listeners and almost completely erases the track’s euphoric vibe.

Chase & Status should have no problem filling arenas on their upcoming UK arena tour. Listeners ‘will be there’ for Count on Me to throw their hands up and ‘surrender’ to the beat. Just not during the breakdown.