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Single Review: Texas – ‘Dry Your Eyes’

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Following the singles The Conversation and Detroit City, Glasgow music icons Texas are about ready to release single number 3 from their recent studio album, The Conversation.

TexasDryYourEyesDry Your Eyes was always an obvious contender for the single title as it drips with a radio-friendliness in the same way that the first two singles did. The track is a safe option for the band with its slow-paced and 70’s inspired instrumentation and a series of soft “oohs” playfully filling in the background to the track that the bands front woman Sharleen Spiteri glides through with her usual vocal finesse.

Texas are one of those bands that very rarely get it wrong. It almost appears like a flawless ability for the band to piece together a new record and fill it to the brim with potential radio hits and that is just what Dry Your Eyes is; it’s radio-ready, emotive and memorable.

It’s nice to have a ballad from the band following The Conversation and Detroit City as both tracks were quite upbeat so the addition of Dry Your Eyes to the singles list from the new album helps balance the record out nicely.

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