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Single Review: Tess Henley – ‘Who Are You’

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Rising songbird and Seattle native, Tess Henley, has taped into the resurgence of the nostalgic 50’s/60’s eras. Following in the successful footsteps of Adele, Duffy and Amy Winehouse, the singer is helping pull the golden age of soul and blues back into the digital era and creating something truly inspiring for those less familiar or too young to have been fortunate enough to appreciate the style the first time around.

TessHenley1Tess presented us with her brand new album recently in the form of High Heels and Sneakers and from that collection the latest single has been pulled – Who Are You.

Sultry and soulful is this little gem that falls just shy of 3 minutes long but could have easily been double that while still managing to hold our undivided attention. Who Are You is a real mix in terms of the genres that Tess manages to mold and craft within the track. The singers vocals are ripe with soulful tones while the instrumentation carries a 60’s pop quality that has been doused in bluesy rhythms and a big band playing in the background, subtle yet effective in its persuasive and pulsating cameo role within the number.

The song is intricately pulled together but not overcrowded by the orchestration of instruments that dance throughout Who Are You, leaving the song to be led by the pristine vocals of Henley rather than drowning her talents out.

If she does this right Tess Henley may very well be the next big thing within the rise of this rebirthed and much loved style of musical granduer.

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