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Single Review: Robbie Williams feat. Lily Allen – ‘Dream A Little Dream’

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Next time I can’t get to sleep I know exactly what song I’ll use as a remedy. Robbie William’s rendition of the 1931 classic Dream A Little Dream, featuring Lily Allen, is a gorgeous, woozy number that I think will be perfect for sending me off to the land of dreams, not because it is in any way boring but because it is just so relaxing!

Robbie Williams Dream A Little DreamThe song comes from Robbie’s new swing album Swings Both Ways, which features covers of well known songs as well as six new songs and a whole bunch of celebrity cameos.

The song starts with the sound of a needle hitting a record, setting us up for the old standard to come. An acoustic guitar plays and Robbie starts crooning. Then in come the drums and the highlight of the whole song, Lily Allen’s beautiful, gentle vocals. Subtle and gentle yet full and warm like a summer night.

The song has an interesting structure. It begins with the acoustic guitar, but then a piano line and some violins take over as the primary backing instruments. The violins really amp up the “classic,” romantic feel of this song and there is a pleasing piano solo in the middle of the song. There is also a nice playful bit at the end where the singers both “scat” a little and Robbie whistles some of the melody.

This would be a lovely song to slow-dance to. I can imagine this playing at a wedding reception at night in a garden full of willow trees and fairy lights.