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Single Review: Tonight Alive – ‘The Fire’

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The Fire is the third single from Tonight Alive’s top 5 album The Other Side. 2013 has been a huge year for Tonight Alive, with the band playing shows across the world and the release of their second album The Other Side. This album has received rave reviews from critics across the world (including on Renowned for Sound) and many of these critics list The Fire as one of the stand out tracks of the album.

TonightAliveTheothersideLead vocalist Jenna McDougall describes the song as a “super-liberating, empowering punk song.” It opens with a killer guitar riff that immediately catches the attention of the listener. McDougall’s powerful vocals cut across the edgy and aggressive beat to deliver passionate and positive lyrics, such as “Blatantly, I resisted/ the change I knew I had to make/But the fire still existed/i learn from each of my mistakes.” The Fire packs a punch right at the core of the album, showing what Tonight Alive are capable of.

The high standard of music on The Other Side makes it Tonight Alive’s best album yet, and has gained the band international recognition. The Fire is one of the highlights on the album, and therefore one of their best songs to date. It is evidence of just how far Australia’s favourite pop/rock band has come, and the impressive music we have to look forward to.