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Single Review: Paramore – ‘Daydreaming’

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It’s been a big year for Paramore, having released their self-titled album as well as touring constantly around the world. People have critically claimed the band for this release since the Farro brothers left the band but they seem to be doing more than a substantial job in terms of their music. With their recent release of their single, Daydreaming, offers a unique sound by the band, touching on the genres of alternative rock and dream pop which isn’t the usual style of music Paramore does as a band. For older fans, you would know that Paramore’s previous releases purely focused on their pop punk side in their music career but it’s safe to say that they have decided to mix it around by experimenting with other musical styles.

Paramore DaydreamingThe single itself is a very slow-paced track, encompassing the lovely vocals of Hayley Williams. What stands out most from this track is the fact that even though the song may not have the usual upbeat style that Paramore do so well, it is a solid track that gives off a positive vibe. The band come off strong with the music as well, consistently giving off a rush of riffs and guitars. Seeing as it does fall under the dream pop genre, the track gives off a hypnotic vibe that the chorus will most likely get stuck in people’s heads because of Hayley’s vocals and the way she sings Daydreaming, daydreaming all the time. It really does give a burst of nostalgia, living in the present moment and daydreaming about getting away, shown in the lyrics We wait for the bell, And we dream of somewhere else.

It can be pretty much said that Daydreaming by Paramore is a solid track and it’s fantastic to see how the band have emerged from being a pop punk band into a band that isn’t afraid to challenge themselves by experimenting in other musical genres. The band have proven to themselves that although they lost the respected Farro brothers along the way in their music career, they’re not afraid to prove to fans that their still a great band, striving to be successful in every possible way.