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Single Review: One Direction – ‘Midnight Memories’

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Who wouldn’t want to be a band member in One Direction?  They’re rich, famous, have their pick of the girls, hang out with their mates all day, and not forgetting they occasionally sing and make music.  They have it on a plate, and new single Midnight Memories is another track about being one of the boys, late nights and youth.

One Direction Midnight Memories SingleAgain the band have opted for the 80s rock sound but with a pop twist, starting off with the boys taking turns singing about being famous and people talking “schhhhh”, to keep their younger fans  swear free for a few more years.  The vocals are good as always, intertwining around each other and seem to have progressed in style since earlier releases.

The song itself is catchy and familiar, and the reason for this is you may recognise bits of other songs in there.  Just like previous single Best Song Ever – which had fans of The Who roaring with anger about it sounding too similar to Baba O’Reily – Midnight Memories also has it’s passing glance to other tracks.  The chorus has a definite nod towards The Joker by The Steve Miller Band, and there’s a definite affinity with Queens We Will Rock You throughout.  It would have been nice for the band to release something that sounded distinctly like them, but maybe that’s their problem with newer material, they’ve lost originality.

It’s not going to be a classic One Direction track but it’s not that bad either, ticking the boxes for catchiness, vibrancy and having a good time.