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Single Review: Miranda Lambert – ‘Automatic’

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Gaining fame from the 2003 season of Nashville Star, Miranda Lambert has won the hearts of many country music lovers around the world. With her newest single, Automatic, she continues to do this with her relaxing, down-to-earth approach to making music. As a finalist finishing third place, it’s times like these where talent doesn’t mean winning the golden medal, and having been offered a record deal straight after the completion of a singing competition says a lot about the positive impact she has made in becoming a successful artist in the long run.

Miranda Lambert AutomaticThroughout her childhood years, Miranda sparked her passion and love for country music when she was only nine years old. Her parents took her to a Garth Brooks concert and from there on, this event not only changed the way she viewed music but she knew that country music was her calling and something she had to pursue in the future. With the help of her father guiding her through her music career by writing and performing country music, Miranda then started participating in talent shows and also showcasing some live performances at restaurants too. This then lead to her furthering her music career by establishing networks after being a finalist of Nashville Star.

It’s evident enough that Automatic showcases Miranda Lambert’s talent as a country musician. With flawless vocals as well as meaningful lyrics, the presence of this song perfectly captures her natural flair for singing as well as the complementary music that expresses a sense of graceful kindness and calming reflection of life too.

Otherwise, it’s clear that Miranda Lambert is one of the most popular country musicians in this present day and listeners will definitely find that her music is something remarkably sincere and that’s honestly what the world needs.