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Single Review: Nathaniel Willemse – ‘You’

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Thank Lucifer this boy got a gig out of the X Factor. I love me some Sammy Jade, and that boy group one, but Nathaniel Willemse showed so much promise throughout the 2012 Australian X Factor series – and it shines through on his first single, You.


The South African born Melbournite made his first attempt at reality TV  when he auditioned for Australian Idol when he was 21, and made it through to the semi-finals. Since then he’s been waiting it out as a vocal coach and wedding singer and at 27, he took a chance on the latest craze TV voice competition.

Occupying the over 25’s category with the eventual winner Samantha Jade, Willemse rocked the X Factor with his live performances. His go to’s were soul pieces and after being eliminated, Australia’s boutique label production team DNA signed him up to investigate his sound.

If this single is the pudding, the proof is – well it’s there. It’s a mixture of RnB, funk and pop – think Usher with less dancing. The chorus is all falsetto, which works well on the produced track, but a performance on this year’s X Factor Australia showed that if you make a young lad sing 30 seconds of falsetto live, it’s gonna sound a little pitchy. But not to worry, there’s no pitchiness on the single.

In fact, if You is acting as an introduction to Willemse, I would have to say welcome to the party.