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Single Review: Mel B – ‘For Once In My Life’

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After filling in the last decade with hosting duties on The X Factor, Dancing With The Stars and America’s Got Talent as well as reuniting on a couple of occasions with her Spice Girl band mates for a hugely successful reunion tour and the London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony, fans of Mel B’s solo material have been patiently waiting for something new for quite some time. Mel was always my favourite Spice Girl and from the opening line of Mel’s solo career, “I’m the M to the E.L.B, you know me”, I have been pretty hooked on her solo efforts so a new track was met with anticipation.

MelBForOnceInMyLifeMel’s first solo album, Hot, released back in the late nineties during the closing years of her Spice Girl era, was the first taste of her work away from the famous group. The album produced a series of hits including the infectious Tell Me and the number one Missy Eliot collaboration, I Want You Back. A few years after and album number two was offered, L.A State Of Mind but unfortunately the sophomore release failed to match the high quality output found on her debut and missed the mark in terms of forming a memorable collection for the singer with Today being the only single from the album that had any sort of commercial impact.

A decade on and Mel B has unveiled her latest single, For Once In My Life. The track is a step away from her former RnB infused hits. For Once In My Life takes on a much more dance orientated feel than anything the star has offered us in the past. Admittedly, this single took a few listens for me to really get into its groove and I was really hoping that Mel’s latest track would have been a little more in line with her debut solo record than anything else.

The video for the track was shot on the same set as Desperate Housewives and sees Mel going from house to house through several outfit changes, pretty much partying the night away. The track is very much in tune with that theme, an energetic spine with a Europop, dance-floor friendly rhythm announcing to the world that Scary Spice is back. After the first few listens it does begin to get you humming along and becomes quite a memorable track for the star. Though it takes some time to warm up to, For Once In My Life ends up being quite an enjoyable comeback single for Mel.

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