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Single Review: The Graphite Set – ‘Grayson Perry’

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Grayson Perry, a musical homage to the visual artist of the same name, is the first single to be heard from The Graphite Set since the release of their impressive debut EP These Streets.

GraphiteSetGraysonPerryDealing with an artist like Grayson Perry through song requires a certain brand of musical eccentricity, and The Graphite Set have no trouble steering a driving pop feel in that direction. The instruments and their organisation have a sprightly ‘80s quality in the verses, but Lily Buchanan’s smooth, minimalistic vocals keep the wheels of the rhythm section on the ground. Whilst the ‘80s are relevant to the time at which Perry began working, the lurid colour and flow of his work are to me more reminiscent of ‘60s poster art. As such, it feels perfect when the tune shifts to a Jefferson Airplane brand of psychedelic pop in the chorus, Buchanan opening up with her voice a bit and thereby giving a physical manifestation to the freedom that the track is trying to evoke.

Acid trips and motorbikes pervade the lyrics, which express the desire to ride with Perry, seeing the world through his eyes. Whilst the artist’s perspective might be a bit bizarre to communicate through any easily palatable form of music, the dominance of a hard, straight drumbeat at the end of the track leaves us with a clear sense of this mind-bending motorbike ride – we are abandoned by the side of the road as Perry, or his female alter-ego ‘Claire’, thunders away on his garish pink Harley Davidson.