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Single Review: M.A.D – ‘Fame & TV’

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Since the nineties boy bands have remained a popular force in the music industry, designed to appeal to the current generation of teenage girls (or the sentimental, slightly older generations) with their charming good looks and catchy tunes and another act has just been released into the boy-band pool and you’d be MAD not to jump on board – pun intended.

M.A.D.-Fame&TVM.A.D have a very powerful fan base in the UK, and to prove it their previous single Toy Boy reached the UK Top 40 organically via social media; the band and their fans shared the song virally and without any official promotion. Now the boys are back with their latest single, Fame & TV, an addictive ode to the celebrity obsession suffered by TV consumers, cheekily referencing those who have a lot to thank X Factor for: “Another reality show/’Cause ‘X’ marks the spot/That’s why everybody goes/ Hey Simon…“. Let’s give them credit, they did not need a hit reality TV talent show to skyrocket to fame, there is clearly still hope for bands to make it organically.

Fame & TV is a catchy single for these lads, the track is soaked in that classic boy band sound that you would expect from an act like this. Each verse and the pre-chorus insinuate that we all live within a world so materialistic and unoriginal; a culture that thrives on clever marketing thus generating overnight success. The chorus seems cliche, but the lyrics “I just wanna party if you know what I mean/So girls grab your guys, come and party with me” merely states that these guys just want to party.

Overall, Fame & TV demonstrates a lyrical and melodic improvement when compared to their previous single Toy Boy; the boys of M.A.D are still young and have heaps of room to grow artistically. If they manage to maintain their strong following and keep on rolling out those hits, their future will indeed be bright.