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Single Review: Little Mix – ‘Salute’

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British quartet Little Mix have released the third single and title track from their new album, Salute.  The girls have come a long way since auditioning for and making their way through to win The X-Factor in 2011, with this being their second album and follow up to the largely successful DNA of 2012.

LittleMix-SaluteIn the newest track, the group strike similarities to the iconic Destiny’s Child, with a feisty girl-power attitude and hip-hop influenced sound. The track is upbeat and catchy as the girls sing about “Representing all the women” around the world.

As suggested by the title, the song contains a lot of military references, including a siren at the start, shouting “attention!” and referring to “recruiting troops” throughout the track, as well as featuring sporadic military-inspired drum beats, and a patch of spoken speech which appears to come through a megaphone.

The song is all about women empowerment and joining together to fight a war, assumedly that of bullying and negativity and the struggle for equal rights. The song is a light hearted and catchy listen but refers to deeper issues and its message is a positive thing that the girls are trying to spread and encourage.