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Single Review: Justin Timberlake – ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’

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With Justin Timberlake’s next album still being a fair way off, Can’t Stop The Feeling should come as good news to those fans that are eager for more music. As the theme song for the upcoming Trolls film, which features Timberlake as one of the main characters, it may not signal anything the singer intends to follow stylistically, but it’s definitely joyous and catchy enough to act as a fitting distraction.

Justin Timberlake Can't Stop The FeelingEven ignoring its tie-in to the Trolls movie, the song carries all the hallmarks of a hit. The track’s faultless pop production features hints of funk in its prominent bass riffs and skittering guitars, and the simulated horns that highlight the chorus add a disco flair on top. Timberlake’s vocals are as to be expected, fitting the funky production perfectly and gliding into his falsetto range for the hook. The general shimmering air of the track ties the elements together to make for the ultimate feel-good track; nothing pivotal or revolutionary, but at the same time it doesn’t need to be.

As a little taste of both the Trolls movie and something new from Timberlake before his next album, Can’t Stop The Feeling is a stellar release. The made for radio hooks and generally formidable production make for a song that’s easy to dance to, great for driving and just generally enjoyable all around. Timberlake and company have done it again with this latest smash hit.