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Single Review: Jennifer Hudson – ‘Walk It Out’ (Feat. Timbaland)

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The amazingly talented troubadour that is Jennifer Hudson is back with a brand new single. This is the second single from her still untitled third album, set to be released sometime this year. Hudson has talked about Walk It Out, stating that: “Walk It Out reflects the ‘JHud’ in me. Every bit of it is a reminder and a connection of where I come from… It’s my take; my perspective. It’s my music.”

jennifer-hudson-walk-it-outWalk It Out sticks with JHud’s new sassy and sexy vibe, as seen in her first single I Can’t Describe. This is a mid-tempo r&b track, and has a great laid back feel to it. However, I’m not convinced that teaming up with Timbaland was a great idea. The chorus is half sung by him and half sung by Hudson, and whilst it isn’t exactly autotuned, the vocals definitely feel overproduced. Even when Timbaland sings verses, his voice still takes on this almost autotuned sound. The song is reedeemed as this overproduction backs off in the verses allowing Hudson’s brilliant vocals to shine, but the lyrics have a lot of repetition, to the point that it gets quite annoying.

The new look and sound that Miss JHud is going for definitely works for her, however Walk It Out just seems to miss the mark on this occassion. I feel that Timbaland is probably to blame for this; but in saying that, I don’t think Hudson could ever deliver a truly horrible track.