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Single Review: Ricky Martin – ‘Vida’

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Smooth spanish singer Ricky Martin has returned with a new track, which happens to be the second single off the FIFA World Cup album. The song was written by Elijah King, your average everyday guy who won Sony’s global ‘SuperSong’ competiton. This was a competition to find the ideal song which would represent the World Cup but also fit with Ricky Martin’s effervescent personality. Vida has been described as “a celebration of life… It’s about a life where differences are celebrated and appreciated easily and with happiness.”

Ricky Martin VidaThe track is everything you would expect from Ricky Martin and a single for a global sports event. The latin pop song is full of percussion and exotic sounds, infused with a carribean feel. The lyrics are all about the tournament’s ability to bring people from across the world together to celebrate and enjoy “la vida buena” (the good life). Some of the lyics aren’t that deep, “finally the time has come/let’s just dance in the sun”, but the fact that it was written by an ordinary citizen adds to its appeal. Many people are bound to be charmed by Vida and its feel-good vibe.

Whilst I don’t it’s anything groundbreaking, Vida is a lively and exuberant track that people are bound to bop away to. It’s a nice fit for the FIFA World Cup tournament and in any case, it’s better than Pitbull’s offering of We Are One.