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Single Review: Jason Derulo – ‘Talk Dirty’

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Pop superstar Jason Derulo returns with a catchy new single Talk Dirty off his upcoming new album Tattoos. Enlisting the help of 2 Chainz, the track takes on a more urban approach than what we’ve heard from Mr Derulo previously.

JasonDeruloTalkDirtyThis new track follows the album’s first single The Other Side, and the two releases show maturation and development in Jason’s music, offering a totally different sound to the pop hits he is known for.

Talk Dirty sounds unfamiliar as a Jason Derulo song from the start, first of all letting a woman do the introductory honours instead of performing the trademark singing of his own name. The track features some funky saxophone use as Jason sings about meeting women around the world and only understanding them when they “talk dirty” to him. The saxophone use in the chorus is one of the song’s most memorable features, taking the song from average to impressive.

The lyrics are nothing special, unless you consider how many times 2 Chainz can make sexual references in 30 seconds to be special. The song is not extraordinary by any means, but it’s catchy, well produced and sure to be another huge hit for the 23 year old.

Jason has tried something new and out of his comfort zone with this one and pulled it off. Talk Dirty is a promising indication of the musical development on the rest of Tattoos.