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Single Review: Harry Styles – ‘Sign of the Times’

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Photo: Sony Music Australia

Of all the solo efforts to unveil themselves in 2017 – or within the current decade in fact – Harry Styles’ is probably the most highly anticipated. With One Direction hanging up their hats for all members of the foursome to try their hand at solo ventures, Styles has been pacing himself; quietly putting the pieces into place for his solo reveal. As fans wait patiently for something from the most prominent facet of his former boy band, their thirsts have finally been quenched as the floppy haired pop prince has this week released his debut single, Sign of the Times, and what a truly exquisite experience it has turned out to be.

Harry Styles Sign of the Times singleHaunting backing choirs, psychedelic guitar wielding, eloquently sung verses over-top engaging and John Lennon-esque chorus’ collide beautifully on a track that is easily one of the finest of the past few years.

While pop may have been the superstars focus during his time in One Direction, maturity has taken hold of Styles as he presents to us a number brimming and bubbling with tones that ooze with Bowie and Lennon influence. The surprises are all in the detail on this number. The haunting instrumentation offers something new with every listen and the idyllic marriage of the musicians sombre tones and delicate falsetto allow the atmosphere of the track to soar to heights well above that of his former boy band work.

Sign of the Times is the perfect gift that one hopes to receive from a member of a band when they decide to travel down the rocky solo path. While the tone and maturity of the track may not tick all of the boxes when it comes to the stars One Direction fans who may be too young to appreciate the singers new-found style, it will open the door to an older fan-base with its Instrumentally nostalgic dressing, rich and majestic vocal and mature lyrical content.

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