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Single Review: Hanson – I Was Born

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Photo: Big Hassle

To mark 25 years as a band, Hanson are back with ‘I Was Born’, a delightfully upbeat single from the once child stars. With a greatest hits album and anniversary tour also in the works, Hanson are keen to celebrate their successful career with the fans who helped them along the way.

 Forget the iconic ‘Mmm-Bop’ ever existed, and Hanson become one of the most underrated bands in the world, a hard working trio of brothers with a positive outlook and a knack for catchy melodies. ‘I Was Born’ is a pulsing ode to old school rock and could easily stand aside bands such as Journey and Nickleback in terms of quality.

The harmonies are as intertwined as the blood bond the Hanson brothers share, highlighting how they thrive off each other’s energy and presence. ‘I Was Born’ will be an excellent addition to the impending Hanson live shows, and will prove to those who are unaware that the trio have more than just one catchy song under their belts.