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Single Review: Disclosure – ‘Voices’

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Voices is the latest single from electronic music duo Disclosure and features the vocals of 19 year old up and comer. Sasha Keable. Voices is the sixth single to be taken from the Lawrence brothers’ debut album Settle.

Disclosure VoicesVoices is a bouncy electronic tune which is complemented well by Sasha Keable’s feminine yet powerful sounding voice. It is a perfect dance club song with its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus (“I try to resist/But you caught me/I try to dismiss/But you taunt me”). Voices is a great song to get people on the dance floor and is likely to be remixed a bunch of times to add to its club appeal.

Settle has brought the young brothers a lot of success since its release earlier this year. Not only has its singles started to build hype around the duo, Settle was also nominated for Best Dance Album at the 2014 Grammy Awards. The record also peaked at #1 on the UK Album Chart and #2 on the Dance Album Charts in Australia and the US.

This latest single is a track showing lots of potential from Disclosure and Sasha Keable as individual artists but also as a collective. The tune is upbeat and mainstream friendly though its real fans will be those with an affinity for dance music. Disclosure seem to know what works and are using that, and are likely on their way to a long and successful career.