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Single Review: Bush – ‘The Only Way Out’

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Not only does Gavin Rossdale not seem to age like normal humans, neither does his wife, Gwen Stefani. Both being easy on the eyes, both seemingly in the know about the secret of eternal youth, and both being in big hitting bands of the 90s is just a few things they share in common, with most of us wishing we could say we possessed one of these traits. Gwen’s No Doubt have probably fared the better over time, but Bush, throughout breakups and get togethers now return with The Only Way Out, taken from upcoming album Man on The Run.

bushTheonlywayoutSome hardcore fans might not like Bush’s step away from the grunge sound since the 90s, but to stand still is to wither and die and the reason why many artists’ careers end abruptly in the ever-harsh wilderness of the music world. Bush have lasted this long and are afforded the right to try whatever they want, in this instance taking a more poppy feel than usual, but at the same time keeping the imagery laden lyrics that Gavin soulfully unleashes to the listener: ‘Follow me down to the water through the trip wires in your head’.

More akin to Snow Patrol than anything heavier, it’s dainty hooks and catches keep the track radio friendly, with the melody pleasant and memorable. It’s likely to be one of the sing-a-long tracks of the new record and probably why the band released it first. The drums could do with a bit more attitude, coming off as a little bland, but overall it’s a decent effort. A bit more oompf may be needed but it’s a good start to get us interested in hearing the new record.