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Single Review: The Janoskians – ‘That’s What She Said’

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The Janoskians has really made a name for itself since posting for its first YouTube video in 2011, thanks to its rude songs, crude stunts and the odd run-in with police.

Janoskians- Thats What She SaidA song called That’s What She Said adds little to the Melbourne-based YouTube ‘comedy’ group’s hardly funny output to date, let alone the motif made famous by Wayne’s World and the US version of ‘The Office’.

It tries to funk it up and entertain with 1980s synth bass, big airy drums and chirpy brass. However, this is a forgettable, 3-minute jerk-off of manufactured pop-ska. Lines like ‘eating out’ and ‘double double…put it in my mouth’ are so obvious that they leave nothing to the imagination. Therefore, they are perfect for this generation of instant gratification who just want to consume fast-food ‘music’.

A brain-numbing line like ‘take take take take take take take it off’ is NOT a chorus in any sense of the word. This, along with a melody that is no better than a playground ‘nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah’ makes this track a poor excuse for ‘music’.

A chilled breakdown featuring a rather tempered rap is a slight reprieve from this sleazy slide of sonic sludge, before the chorus reprises like nails on a chalkboard. It sounds even more jarring and obnoxious over the laid-back arrangement than with the full-blown band.

That’s What She Said has failed miserably to be witty, let alone musical. It is a mindless, sexist summer anthem for smashed frat boys with no musical taste.