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Single Review: Beady Eye – ‘Soul Love’

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Beady Eye were always going to have a tough time.  Since Oasis split and the brothers Gallagher went their separate ways, Liam forming Beady Eye and Noel going solo, there was always going to be comparisons between the two.  This is not wholly fair because they’ve both gone in different directions musically.  Noel brought with him the skill to craft a catchy tune, and produced a decent debut solo record, whereas Liam’s band could be said to have struggled to release an overall great first effort.  This can be forgiven, a new band writing together with a Noel sized gap was always going to be difficult, but Beady Eye have had time now to craft a second album and learn from the past, and that’s why new single Soul Love really should have progressed more.

Beady Eye Soul LoveThe band are sticking with the psychedelic, drift-away style for the song, drums simple but effective in the background keeping a steady beat.  The problem is however that the song doesn’t really go anywhere.  You keep waiting for it to kick in, something different to happen, but before you know it the song has finished and nothing did.  Liam’s voice does sound better on this track than a lot of the other new material, but sometimes the nasally sound gets too much and his voice almost feels like a parody of himself.

This is hard for me to write because back in the day I was a massive Oasis fan and had high expectations for both Beady Eye and Noel, not camping myself to one side but looking forward to hearing what both had to offer.  With a bit more originality and thought Soul Love could have been great, throw in a riff and something a bit different and it could start to sound decent, but unfortunately there is no spark.  Here’s hoping Beady Eye find that something that’s missing, because when they do, I’ll be the first in line.