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Single Review: Bullet For My Valentine – ‘Raising Hell’

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With their latest single Raising Hell, Bullet For My Valentine have pushed their sound in a slightly different direction, stating that they sought to provide ‘a more intense, thrasher style of metal’. Whilst I am perhaps not well enough acquainted with the band’s past output to make a judgement on the extent to which their sound may have developed, I can say that their claims as to the ferociousness of this release are correct.

Bullet For My Valentine Raising HellThe track begins with this Avenged Sevenfold Beast and the Harlot brand of ominousness, the siren-esque sounds coming from Michael Paget’s guitar indicating a sense of turmoil. The track then gives way to some savage and thrashy riffing, and BFMV have disclosed their desire to move towards a sound more in tune with large-scale acts like Metallica and Pantera. Whilst Raising Hell was self-produced, on their upcoming album they have employed Terry Date, who has worked with bands such as Pantera and White Zombie, rather than their previous producer Don Gilmore, who often works with poppier rock acts such as Good Charlotte and Avril Lavigne.

BFMV’s movement towards a heavier sound has not, though, meant a diminishment in regards to their melodic inclinations; the chorus is plenty hooky, and is sung with all the passion required by a lyric like ‘I’ll fight forever as the heavens fall, I’m raising hell’. The track also features some virtuosic guitar soloing, the dual rapid-fire lines at points also reminding me of Avenged Sevenfold’s work.

The band has stated that change must occur to maintain their own musical interest, and they’ve acknowledged that, in regards to fans, ‘you’re not going to please everyone all the time’. With Raising Hell though, I can’t imagine too many Bullet For My Valentine fans turning their noses up; the track is a uncompromising piece of brutality that would tick most of the boxes on any metal listener’s checklist.