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Live Review: The Band Perry – 2nd December 2013 – The HMV Forum, London, UK

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America has given the world a fair share of great musicians throughout the years, who have ranged significantly in genre from rock to gospel to just about anything else – one thing that America can’t be rivalled in however is country. America was the birth place of what we classically think of as “country music” – so it makes sense that they have the ability to continue throwing out more and more incredible people in that style. I saw two country artists who are relatively new on the scene.

First off was Lindsay Ell, an immensely talented singer-songwriter who made complete use of her combined vocal and guitar skills in tandem with the use of a loop pedal to create a fantastic and engaging sound. It was Lindsay’s first time in London, and judging by the wolf whistles she received upon taking the stage – and the level to which she got the audience hyped up in preparation for the headline act – it won’t be her last.

After Lindsay Ell it was The Band Perry’s turn to get up on stage. When they did, they made sure that everyone knew about it. They were introduced to the stage by a classic announcer voice and a great burst of white light; as well as the cheering of a very excited London audience.

The family focused band had a more rocky set than I had expected – only having heard their hit If I Die Young whilst knowing it was them. This came as a pleasant surprise, as the band masterfully blended the rock and country sounds that they were raised upon with pinpoint precision. The band’s rock features didn’t end with their music, but were also quite rocky in their performance, with Kimberly; Reid and Neil all taking complete control of the stage and whipping the audience up into an utter frenzy when it was suited – and having the audience swaying and singing along when that was what they wanted.

The night was a massive success, with the band doing a range of originals – as well as covers that included Fat Bottom Girls and My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark of all things. The night was enough of a success that when the band left the stage it took all of about five seconds for the whole audience to be stamping, cheering and screaming for more – it then taking the band a further twenty seconds to return the stage – even having Lindsay Ell making a return for the last part of the encore.

Once this fantastic encore had ended the audience, and myself, waited around to see who had one the competition that included the prizes of a signed CD, signed t-shirt, or signed poster and meet and greet with The Band Perry. Once this was done, all but three excited fans left – every fan feeling too satisfied with the gig to be disappointed about not winning.

Set List:

  1. DONE.
  2. Night Gone Wasted
  3. You Lie
  4. All Your Life
  5. I Will Always Love You
  6. I’m A Keeper
  7. We Are Young
  8. Forever Mine Nevermind
  9. Hip To My Heart/Postcard from paris
  10. Pioneer
  11. Amazing Grace
  12. End of Time
  13. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely
  14. Chainsaw
  15. Double Heart
  16. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark
  17. Better Dig Two
  18. If I Die Young
  19. Fat Bottomed Girls