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Single Review: The Aston Shuffle – ‘Tear It Down’

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Get ready to have the words ‘tear it down’ gnaw the insides of your mind as The Aston Shuffle’s latest single continuously captures your attention. Tear It Down is the latest single coming from the Canberra based house duo. With much successes, such as getting into the Rolling Stones Top 50 albums to being crowned inthemix’s #1 DJ Duo in Australia, Mikah Freeman and Vance Musgrove are a highly anticipated act in their own right.

The Aston Shuffle Tear It DownTear It Down‘s stilted vocal work shouldn’t be as captivating as it really is when the song starts, but there’s something about the staggered singing that gives the song a fuller beat, as if it’s playing along side the synths already bouncing pulse. The track is the perfect clubbing anthem, providing the right combination of powerful vocals with an all-round energetic vibe that should keep any party going. The Aston Shuffle’s latest track is definitely one to look out for on the dance floor in the near future.

Compared to their other hits like Your Love and Drop, Tear It Down puts a lot of focus on the vocals, and it’s the voice that stands out above all the accompanying rhythms. The accompaniment itself is quite stripped back, with simple solid beats that keep the entire song going instead of the usual mix of a number of effects going off simultaneously.

The group’s latest single came along with confirmation of a national tour in 2014 with special guest Thief, and isn’t a show to miss. Alongside their busy DJ jobs, the two also host their own tv show Friday Night Shuffle on ABC’s Triple J. With their last album Seventeen Past Midnight released all the way back in 2011, and Can’t Stop Now being their last single from earlier this year in July, the wait for a new album may be coming to a close.