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Single Review: Arcade Fire – ‘Afterlife’

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Arcade Fire’s success has sky-rocketed in the last couple of years, with the band winning one award after the other for their third studio album The Suburbs. Their fourth release Reflektor has a lot to live up to and the Canadian indie rock band are surely head strong and ready to take on the world. Already receiving some raving reviews, their newest single Afterlife is sure to keep the critics talking.

Arcade Fire - ReflektorThe single itself screams 80s pop. The upbeat keyboard riff bops along to an FX drum kit as Régine Chassagne’s playful harmonies echo in the background. The image of your parents prom, your Mother in a frilly pink dress and your Dad in a bright blue suit, plays in your head with this exact song, and you see how awkward they dance like in that scene from Napoleon Dynamite.

Win Butler’s melancholy vocals sings of heartbreak, bringing the piece back to the whole ultimate 80s teenage experience. Whether you’re listening to the song and dancing by yourself, dragging your cat by its hind legs, or with an actual person, Afterlife‘s infectious beat is sure to keep you going for as long as your little heart can take it.

The nostalgic piece brings out a lot of indie electro-pop that Arcade Fire’s music have always experimented on, being more evident in Reflektor. Their music seems to be having a blast for the past, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re in need of an extra dance song to your party mix this is the song for you. Montreal’s indie-rock successors new music is full of potential and Afterlife is a great example of that.

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