Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

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Single Review: Anastacia – ‘Stupid Little Things’

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Anastacia still looks as good as when she released classic track I’m Outta Love 14 years ago.  “14 years?!” I hear you scream, and as unbelievable as that sounds (which also makes me feel old) Anastacia has returned with single Stupid Little Things taken from new album Resurrection.

Anastacia-StupidLittleThingsIt’s a very fitting name for the record, speaking volumes about the troubles the singer has had to endure over the last 10 years.  Cancer battles, heart problems and Crohn’s disease have tried to stop her but the amazing woman has just battled on and beaten them all, showing a power, strength and lust for life that all comes through on this track.  “I put my heart back together…now I know what being love is worth” sings Anastacia, the lyrics striking a deeper chord when you know what she’s been through.

The vocals are still as strong as they’ve ever been, straight away managing to resonate around your head, with a voice that’s hard to compare to anyone else.  There’s a gentle nod to Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 in the rhythm of the song and the guitars blend in seamlessly to create a nice effect

It’s not up there with the best she’s done however; the chorus is pretty unforgettable, sounding a little too generic, and feels a little forced at times. It’s a decent effort but just seems to be missing that little something extra that used to make her songs stand out.  It’s good to have her back however because I just love listening to those unbelievable vocals.