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Single Review: Ray Foxx – ‘Boom Boom (Heartbeat)’

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In 2011 the London based underground producer Ray Foxx blew everyone away with his Summer anthem La Musica. The single, which started out as The Trumpeter before Lovelle Hill added her vocals to the track, was said to be the link between underground and mainstream house, and had huge support from DJ’s across the UK including big names at BBC’s Radio 1.

RayFoxxBoomBoomNow Foxx is back with what could be another Summer anthem. The single Boom Boom (Heartbeat) features London singer Rachel K Collier, who has also leant her vocals to big name producer Wookie and Drum and Bass producer Lung.

Boom Boom (Heartbeat) is everything La Musica was. It has a repetitive catchy riff accompanied by a heavy bass and electro-synth elements. It also has the one thing necessary for a party anthem – a chorus with a simple message: “boom boom boom”.

It does differ from La Musica, offering a slower tempo which feels a little bit like drum and bass was the inspiration for the beat. It gives dancers something new to play with, which is always good in a house set. To cap it off, Boom Boom (Heartbeat) even has an Ibiza themed video clip, to reinforce the need to party hard to this song. Well you don’t have to tell us twice.