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Single Review: Mooli – ‘Automatic’

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You’d be forgiven if you have never heard of Mooli. The duo – comprised of music maestro Ben Copland and singer Kristina Smith – have been lurking under the chart radar for the past few years. Despite this, the pair have been garnering some attention from the influential sort as of late, people such as BBC Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong and Radio 6 Music DJ Tom Robinson have all been waxing lyrical about Mooli – oh, and Michael Caine is a fan apparently, which is the most satisfying bragging right, surely!

mooli automaticThe song that has sparked all of this kerfuffle is Automatic, the first piece of new music heard from the band since their 2010 Black Spring EP. Automatic itself encapsulates all of what Mooli does best; combining indie with a down-tempo electronica that charms listeners with its affable appeal. The throbbing synth intro gives way to a glittering chorus with Smith crying ‘It’s automatic that I should protect myself, though I need you’, it is a lyrically sombre account of a frustrating relationship that is no longer as promising as it once seemed.

All of this is steeped in a nostalgic ’80’s vibe that brings to mind the lovable pop ditties of the era. Make a mark of Mooli; the band and their catchy incarnation of electro are no doubt going to be all over the airwaves soon!