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Single Review: N-Dubz – ‘We Dance On’

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UK hip hop favorites N-Dubz release their new single We Dance On this week to coincide with the release of the parent soundtrack of the much hyped Streetdance 3D.

NDubzWeDanceonSampling German baroque composer Johann Pachelbel’s famous Canon in D Major, the track is given an orchestral instrumentation and choir backing that works well with female band member Tulisa’s smooth yet equally strong vocals and the rest of the groups tight rapping.

Though I am not an N-Dubz fan I have to admit that this one shows the bands talents and strengths more so in my opinion than any other of the groups previous releases.

It’s a more mellow track compared to previous N-Dubz singles and fits in perfectly with the company of acts on the Streetdance soundtrack. Its a very commercial number that will undoubtedly work in N-Dubz’ favor with the current US interest in the group and with help of DJ’s Bodyrox this track I’m sure is set to be the bands eleventh hit single and the selling point to the films compilation.