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Single Review: Rihanna – ‘Te Amo’

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Our favorite Barbadian RnB singer Rihanna is back this month and this time with new single Te Amo from her 2009 album Rated R.

RihannaTeAmoThe song takes a sidestep from roping in the blokes on the dancefloor to soft and gentle same-sex seduction though always remaining slightly ambiguous.

Lyrically the song is strong. It’s quite emotive compared to other songs by the songstress (previous single Rude Boy left very little to the imagination).

Though it’s a nice ballad with a charming latin feel the song is the weakest in terms of Rihanna singles that we have had from Rated R or in fact so far.

Its sound is at times rather monotonous and is unsuccessful in attempting to be a memorable track for the singer who is more used to record breaking hit singles than hook lacking numbers.

Personally I much prefer the club hit Rihanna and was quite disappointed by this one, however if you like the sentimental side in the spirit of Take A Bow, then this will probably be one for you.