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Single Review: James Blake – ‘Limit To Your Love’

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James Blake, a new vocal force who has recently emerged from on the soul scene has been a busy boy over the past year with an extensive touring schedule and recording sessions which have resulted in the singers debut single, a cover of a Feist & Chilly Gonzales hit, Limit To Your Love, being released and unleashed on the world this week.

JamesBlakeLimitToYourLoveThe single is a bit of a mixed bag. The track proves to be a fruitful number in terms of Blake being able to prove that he has what it takes vocally to challenge the best of the electronic crop on the scene but the pace is so dreary that it never really takes off.

The paced piano sits deeply in the song as it begins as a gentle slow-jam before a persuasive percussion enters the track and the song takes on a slightly different entity.

Blake’s voice is rustic and sounds owned by a man 30 years older than the youthful age of Blake’s 21. He delivers the track with eclecticism and with a highly emotive and delicate yet confident approach. Through each sung word you can hear Blake being enveloped by a determination to deliver the song with meticulous perfection.

Limit To Your Love is the perfect arena for the singer vocally but it unfortunately lacks any form of mainstream potential simply due to its musical structure. Its over-the-top sombre approach to soulful dub-step is exhausting at various periods throughout the track as it dips from blues infused funk to reverberating electonica in a quick skip.

Vocally the track is strong however as a package, Limit To Your Love proves to have offered far too much to have delivered far too little.