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Ivan Ives set to release ‘Stranger’ on September 24th (US)

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Russian born, LA bred MC Ivan Ives will be releasing his much anticipated new album Stranger on September 24th, 2013. Ivan Ives recently released a video for the first single off the new album titled 8MM. The video was directed by Ivan himself and the track features his most convincing flows to date.

Stranger is the follow up to 2010’s First of the Month album, and embodies a much darker and cinematic feel. Ivan recently spoke candidly about the making of the record, “As an artist, I feel like it’s all the stuff I’ve been wanting to say for years… whereas before I was releasing something once or twice a year on average  – I really took my time with this one. I recorded more than I needed and took tracks off the album until I felt I couldn’t take anymore off, and I was left with Stranger.”

Stranger is available for pre order now.

[youtube id=”WqNu8azaRdM” width=”620″ height=”360″]