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Interview: The Wiggles

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Ahead of a nationwide tour of the UK, popular children’s entertainers The Wiggles announced the departure of three of its founding members recently.

Having sold over 23 million CD’s and DVD’s, performed to millions of fans around the globe, and received countless accolades for their work over the past 21 years, Murray Cook (Red Wiggle), Greg Page (Yellow Wiggle) and Jeff Fatt (Purple Wiggle) have decided to hang up their trademark colored jerseys while Anthony Field (Blue Wiggle) will continue the Wiggles reign alongside three brand new Wiggles in 2013.

The Wiggles

Before the four original members took to the UK stage for the last time and prepare to drive off in their Big Red Car, Brendon caught up with Murray, Jeff, Greg and Anthony to talk about the history of the group and the changes ahead. Here’s what they had to say.

[youtube id=”abgw-t8hGMM” width=”620″ height=”360″]