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Interview: Glenn Frey (The Eagles)

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Glenn Frey first found success in the early seventies as the front-man and principle songwriter of US super band The Eagles.

With some of music’s most iconic songs including Hotel California, Desperado, Take It To The Limit, Tequila Sunrise and Take It Easy cementing the bands status as the most successful American band in history with well over 120 million record sales, Frey also took on a very successful solo career throughout the eighties. His distinctive vocals and legendary musical skills made the star a household name with solo hits like You Belong To The City and the infectious The Heat Is On which became one of the decades most treasured hits thanks to the Eddie Murphy film, Beverly Hills Cop.


It’s been 20 years since Frey released a record but we are now being rewarded for our patience with the release of After Hours, a collection of covers spanning the last 70 years and given the golden touch by the American superstar. Frey returned to London recently to promote the new album and Brandon caught up with the music icon to talk about the new album and moments from his phenomenal 40 years in music creating some of the worlds most prolific hits.

[youtube id=”QpkUi_RMRSw” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Glenn Frey’s new album After Hours is out now

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