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Single Review: Herve – ‘Blaze It’

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As electronic music is slowly coming back to the forefront of mainstream music, DJ Herve has been given a warm welcoming with his electric mix of energetic, bass laden dance grooves.

HerveBlazeItTaken from his club mix record Ghetto Bass 2, Blaze It is the DJ”s latest single and the track for the most part is catchy enough to enjoy providing you can get past the repetition and twang that is thrown at you at full throttle.

Whether you love or hate Blaze It all comes down to how rave happy you are. Though it has potential to go off in the clubs I am not convinced of its transferability in the cold light of a sober day.

For the hardcore Herve fans the DJ throws into the release of Blaze It the house heavy B-side No Sleep.