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Album Review: Groove Armada – White Light

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Known the world over as one of the greatest electronic duos, Tom Findlay and Andy Cato, or Groove Armada as we know them, return with their latest collection of beat loaded dance originals in the tasty form of White Light.

Married up perfectly to the acts previous 2009 Black Light release, White Light sees Groove Armada continue their reign as one of the true greats of the club scene with a record crammed with club driven gems.

GrooveArmadaWhiteLightWhite Light has all the ingredients of bringing the act into the mainstream where they were once considered one of the genres original trailblazers. The act is in full force on White Light which is a collection of concentrated energy with flashes of fellow dance acts such as Chemical Brothers and Faithless sounding present.

The opening delight is Warsaw, a fueling dance number with a demanding horn section that sums up the talent that the duo holds in its almost six minute hardcore dance duration.

Time and Space follows with its hollering female vocals whipping up a storm and its enforcing rhythm that really does get your blood flowing.

Former reality show star Will Young joins the act on one of the best tracks on the collection. History is a tight mix of soulful, falsetto twang stirred in with the echoed, striking vocals of Young who proves that cheesy pop is not his only trade but that the singer can also pull off rave heavy numbers with ease – and pull it off extremely well.

Not Forgotten is a brilliant teaming of eighties beats and a synth driven backbone that helps emphasize the robotic vocals on the track. A sweet melody is also trickled through the number giving the song the albums most commercial addition.

I Won’t Kneel is another mainstream hungry number with some euphorically delightful lead vocals provided courtesy of Saint Saviour who darts effortlessly around the albums most infectious melodies and some complimenting spacey effects.

Just when you think the album can’t get any better we are given the mammoth Look Me In The Eye Sister. This one has radio friendly written all over it and it’s no surprise that after its release the track quickly became an immediate fan favorite and gained the reputation as one of the best single releases for Groove Armada over the past ten years. With a techno, electro-pop backdrop put in place for the slick indie tones of vocalist Jessica Larrabee, this track is the obvious standout on White Light.

Fellow single Paper Romance follows and is another monster single for the boys with lead vocals this time being taken care of by the smooth tones of Ben Duffy.

Along with reworked versions of the previous albums track-listing we are also given the brand new song, 1980. Not their best attempt but nonetheless the track still fits in nicely with the company it is surrounded by and the overall retro feel of the record.

Where Black Light showcased the outfits darker side, White Light is a lighter, more retro affair for Groove Armada. Energetic and rave happy in most parts with just enough sombre inclusions to create a record of brilliant diversity. Definitely one of the best dance records to be released over the past year.

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