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Album Review: Cast – All Change (Deluxe Edition)

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Back in the mid nineties when Brit pop held the UK charts and music scene hostage with the likes of Oasis, Blur, Charlatans and Kula Shaker all playing their part in the rise of the genre, one band made a considerable impact very early on.

Cast emerged from Liverpool in 1992 and their debut release, All Change, put the spritely quartet on the musical map with numerous hit singles and record breaking sales and this year sees the bands reformation coincide with the albums 15th anniversary re-release.

CastAllChangeWhen All Change was released back in 1995 it sold over 1 million copies and went on to become the fastest selling release in Polydor’s history. The record also spawned four iconic Top 20 singles in the form of Walkaway, Sandstorm, Alright and Fine Time helping this band climb to the peak of the indie top sellers in the nineties. Cast are seen as pioneers and founders of the genre that assisted in the rise of a phenomenal league of A-list acts in the proceeding years, many who cite Cast as influences in their own music.

With super producer John Leckie at the producers helm, the record was always destined for the top. Leckie had already secured success for the likes of The Stone Roses and Radiohead and with his super producer skills mixed with the enthusiasm and eclecticism of Cast and front man John Powers ability to write truly iconic and melodic indie gems, All Change was born.

Along with the remastered original album tracks which showcase this band as significant players in UK music history, the album is a real treat for fans of the band with the addition of a second disc and numerous bonus numbers.

The main highlights on the record are obviously the most recognizable aforementioned singles that garnished the band with a legion of dedicated fans.

The instrumental on disc one which lived its life as a hidden track is a gorgeous appendage to the record. The brief yet whimsical orgy of violins that make up the track will leave goosebumps on even the hardest of rockers.

The second disc that we are given in the re-release is made up of a variety of demo versions of the original albums track-listing as well as some impressive live versions of the bands hits Fine Time and Sandstorm as well as fan favorites Reflections and Back Of My Mind.

When listening to the deluxe edition of All Change I was reminded just how much of an impact their music had on the mid nineties indie movement and also just how undated the band sound. With so many acts coming out of the woodwork over the past 12 months in what can only be described as a reunion frenzy, it’s great to finally get a slice of nostalgic brilliance in the form of one of the true architects of a genre.

All Change has aged like a fine wine and it’s a credit to the musicianship of Cast who offer to us the deluxe re-release of their iconic debut accomplishment.

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