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Single Review: Leni Ward – ‘I Want My Heart Back’

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I Want My Heart Back is the demanding and gloriously charming new single from electronic princess, Leni Ward.

LeniWardIWantMyHeartBackWith her debut album Hope set for release on November 15th, I Want My Heart Back follows Wards first single release of Opening Doors, an optimistic number that saw a fitting introduction to the UK’s next multi-instrumental musical songbird.

I Want My Heart Back is a quaint sophomore single for Ward who is preparing to set the music world on fire with her brand of heartaching yet powerfully persistent and melodic pop.

The glittery production of the single works its magic for the singer in a factual depiction of  lovelorn times. Inspired by the break up of a seven year relationship, the track is a sentimental number for the singer who lays her feelings out for the world to hear. A gentle yet seductively pulsating harp plays consistently throughout the single forming a colorful backdrop, perfectly paired with an eighties inspired synth enforced rhythm.

Wards syrupy vocals envelope the melody of the track and the singer puts her smooth textures to good use as she swings and loops through the number effortlessly.

The single also comes with some impressive remixes of the single including the highlight Bright Light Bright Light mix.

Leni Ward is a rising star in pop and with her credits as writer, producer and performer, among many, enforcing her position among today’s ascending stars of infectious releases. This is one fiery red-headed songstress on the rise that is set to cause a stir in the world of music.