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Single Review: Funeral For A Friend – ‘Broken Foundation’

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Hardcore Welsh rockers Funeral For A Friend made a welcoming return to the scremo scene back in March with the release of album number five for the band, Welcome Home Amregeddon!.

FuneralforaFriendBrokenBringing back their brash mix of eccentric hardcore attitude with an ambitious climb further into the mainstream the band this month will release the third single from the March release following the records previous singles, Front Row Seats to the End of the World and Sixteen which proved successful releases for the emo outfit.

With Broken Foundation we get a further glimpse into the world of well crafted hardcore rock as the track elevates Funeral For A Friend onto a similar level as American bands Linkin Park and Deftones as the driving force of front-man Matt Davies-Kreye’s belts out some impressive vocals throughout the number.

Vocally the track creates a strong number for the band but it is also the musical structure of the track that impresses us. The band sounds as tight as acts can be as they combines rolling drum sequences with some astonishing guitar solos around their vocalists heavy belting.

Not a genre that generally hits a spot with me but Broken Foundation got through and made a dent in my hard, pop loving exterior. A stunning addition from the Welsh rockers to the post-hardcore scene.