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EP Review: Kate Boy – Kate Boy

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Stockholm based electro-pop group Kate Boy captivate with their self-titled EP that combines all the elements of great electro-pop into five tantalising tracks. With a knack for complex electro sounds, biting vocals and alluring lyrics, the pop group explores their distinctive sound and produces an array of noteworthy tracks.

Kate Boy EPThe first thing that enticed me about this EP was definitely the hitting impact of the introductory track Northern Lights. Within this track we see Kate Boy putting an electro-pop twist on the iconic formula of a heavy drumbeat and distinct bass line so cleverly used in classic rock (e.g. Another One Bites the Dust by Queen). Paired with singer Kate Akhurst’s spellbinding vocals and the unique pitch bending and jumping synth blurts, the track feels multi-dimensional as it uses elements of call and response to create interest and diversity.

Each track on the EP explores different elements around the heavy drumbeat idea that categorises their sound. Higher plays with an ambient sound, while Open Fire is quicker in tempo and feels like a definite dance track. What really brings the EP onto another level is the playfulness of their electro style and the way the synth sounds interact with Kate Akhurts’s vocals. The lyrics are also quite clever and don’t feel mind-numbingly boring like many electro hits nowadays. The lyrics are emotive and quite moving. The last track The Way We Are finishes the EP off strongly. The track focuses on intensity with Akhurst’s deep vocals that transcend to high belts in the chorus.

Overall, the EP oozes with intensity and a real hard-hitting feel. The complexity of the music, the talent of Akhurst’s vocal and the pumping nature of this EP is a real exploration of all the great elements of the electro-pop genre. I’d love to see Kate Boy further their unique sound and possibly tap into a few other genres on the way. This EP is no doubt a great taste of what Kate Boy has to come.